About the Album


A Musical Tribute by their daughter Babli launches on 10th November

This music album is a tribute from a daughter to her parents and their immortal love story.

Bab Peter & Ophelia, legends of Goan theatre dedicated their lives to each other and their love for Konkani Tiatr. Through this music album, Babli will celebrate their love story and carry forward their legacy.

The album features 6 of Bab Peter’s unreleased songs, 4 of Bab Peter’s classics recreated and 2 original tracks composed by Babli. The music arrangement is put together by none other than Ronnie Monsorate.

The singers include Babli, young artistes from popular choral groups in Mumbai and introducing Bab Peter-Ophelia’s granddaughter Nia singing Bab Peter’s classic composition
The topics selected for the songs are contemporary and the music arrangements span across various genres of music like Goan folk, jazz, blues, reggae, rock-a-roll, pop and traditional ballads. While most music albums are created with programmed music, this is produced with an ensemble of live instruments and features a mix of solos, duets and trios in signature Bab Peter styles.

The album launched on 18th Nov 2017 and is available on leading online platforms and stores in Mumbai & Goa.

1. Omor Mogachi Kanni - Babli
2. Bab Peter Medley (Mog Boom, PWD, Khuris) - Melroy, Merrick, Joel
3. Apron - Babli, Merrick
4. Fulwali Nistewali - Jennifer, Samantha, Joel
5. Dolleanchi Vatt - Nia, Babli, Sameer
6. Calendar - Marissa, Aaron
7. Vhodlem Duens - Constancio
8. Khuris Moddlo - Babli
9. Bodyguard - Vanessa, Constancio, Melroy
10. Maim - Babli
11. Sangonc Zata Zobor - Melroy
12. Soda Lau - Babli, Merrick, Melroy

Song Descriptions
Omor Mogachi Kanni translated as ‘Eternal Love Story’ composed by Tatum D’Souza (Babli)
This song is a tribute from a daughter to her parents and their immortal love story. The song encapsulates their journey on the Konkani stage intertwined with the love they had for each other and their art. Their love story began on the Konkani stage where a young boy fell in love with an older actress. He married her against the wishes of his family. She was a famous actress who encouraged her young husband to write, direct and sing and he went on to become one of the popular multi-faceted artistes of his time. They also got their little daughter to share the love of tiatr and music. He passed away in Bahrain on 19 Feb 2005 and she left to join him on the same date, 11 years later on 19 Feb 2016. A love story that started on the stage now continues in the heavens.

2. BAB PETER MEDLEY (Trio – Mog Boom, PWD, Khuris)
Song Description
Through this medley of 3 songs we will capture 3 different phases of Bab Peter’s life and composition and singing styles. He was young dynamic current and very modern in his approach. A lot of his old songs are still relevant to the youth today because of the nature of the topics he chose and also his style of music was very fast paced and contemporary. The first song Mog Boom with music arranged by the late Chris Perry and is about a young boy talking about the craziness you go through when you fall in love.
This is followed by PWD which was a song about the Public Water Department in Goa and the expensive water bills that people had to pay in Goa.
The third song Khuris (Cross) is one of his most iconic and famous songs that made a difference to the Goan community. It is about the miraculous cross in Cross Maidan and how as Goans we should come together and a build a shelter around it to respect it and protect it – the song back then had such an impact on the community that within 6 months a chapel was built around it. While the topic is serious, the mood of the song is very upbeat, contemporary like all his songs.

3. APRON (Duet)
Composed by Bab Peter. Sung by Ophelia & Bab Peter only on stage (1982)
A fun banter between a boyfriend and his girlfriend about her obsession with clothes and fashion and how today girls wear anything in the name of fashion. He calls her current dress an apron his mother wore in the kitchen.

Composed by Bab Peter. Sung by Ophelia, Antoinette, Bab Peter only on stage (1977)
Fulwali Nistewali – Fisherwoman and Flowerseller
This is a song about a young Goan boy who is double dating both a Maharashtrian fisher woman and a flowerseller. He thinks he has it under control till he gets caught by both the ladies. A fun song with both Goan and Maharashtrian undertones

Composed by Bab Peter. Sung by Ophelia, Babli & Bab Peter (1984)
Dolleanchi Vatt translated as ‘Light of my eyes’
This is a family song composed by Bab Peter for his family. It features the husband, wife and their only daughter. It is a love song of togetherness, hope, love and all qualities a family stands for. In this song they pledge their love and support to each other. The legacy is carried forward as this song is now being sung by Babli, Sameer and their 9 year old grand-daughter Nia

6. CALENDAR (Duet)
Composed by Bab Peter. Sung by Ophelia & Bab Peter only on stage (1982)
This song is a funny take on the various regulations that determine admission of children in schools. Children have to complete 4 years by September of a year to be eligible. This song features a fun banter between a drunk husband and his wife about these rules. The song ends with the husband telling all that with this rule everyone will need a ‘calendar’ while planning a baby.

7. VHODLEM DUENS (Solo – Male)
Composed and sung by Bab Peter only on stage (1992)

Vhodlem Duens translated as ‘The Biggest Illness’
This is a quintessential Bab Peter composition where he picked a very relevant current topic and through his hard hitting lyrics and impactful tunes made you sit up and change your actions. The song starts with the first verse of plague as a big disease in olden times. People were not allowed even near the burial of such a person. Then there was tuberculosis where similar treatment was given to the afflicted person. But doctors have found a remedy to it. Today there is a bigger disease that is haunting all of us and no one seems to have a remedy to it – the illness is putting your old parents in an old age home and not caring for them anymore

8. Khuris Moddlo (Solo)
Composed and sung by Bab Peter only on stage (April 1985)
Khuris Moddlo translated as ‘The Broken Cross’
This song highlights the role of the BMC in breaking down the Holy Cross outside many parishes. It is an appeal to all Christians to stand united and not let anyone put us down

Composed by Bab Peter. Sung by Ophelia, Bab Peter, Joe Boy (1977)
This is a funny song about a young boy who suspects his school teacher being nice to him only because the teacher likes his sister and wants to marry her. Through the song the young boy outsmarts his teacher with his wise comebacks and tells him he know what he’s upto. The name of the song Bodyguard is apt as that what the young boy wants to be for his sister

10. MAIM (Solo)
Composed by Babli (2017)
This song is a dedication of a daughter to her mother. The song highlights the importance of a mother in our lives.

11. SANGONK ZATA ZOBOR (Sung by Bab Peter (1965)
Sangonk Zata Zobor translated as ‘Don’t know how to tell anyone’
This is a funny song sung by a young boy about his drunk father. Through the song he talks about the funny incidents about his father after he’s drunk and all the craziness that goes on in the house.

A fun narrative with an old drunk man trying to lure a young girl only to realize she is his son’s fiancée. The song is interspersed with popular Goan folk songs like Undra mojea mama, Kavlea kiteak and San Antonichea dongrar. A popular classic that was one of Bab Peter’s biggest hits.

Singers – Tatum D’Souza (Babli), Nia, Sameer, Jennifer, Marisa, Samantha, Vanessa, Aaron, Constancio, Merrick, Melroy, Joel
Ronnie Monsorate: Arranger & Conductor
Joseph Monsorate: Assistant Arranger

Joseph Monsorate: Trumpet
Bosco Monsorate: Trumpet
Blasco Monsorate: Trombone
Shyam Raaj: Tenor Sax, Soprano Sax & Flute
Jitendra Harisingh Thakur: Violin
Tushar Parte: Acoustic & Electric Guitar
Sujay Dey (Joy): Bass Guitar
Cassy Lobo: Drums & Percussion
Ronnie Monsorate: Keyboards

Sounds Good Studio: All tracks recorded by Smitesh Joshi
Studio ONE: Brass recording by A. Manivannan
Headroom Studio: Songs Mixed by Aslam Khan. Assisted by Bevin Fernandes.
Mastered by Aftab Khan.